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Mirror with NeoPixel lights

Couple months ago I promised Ola that I'll pimp up her Ikea TRENSUM mirror with some lights. After a bit of time and failed attempts of mounting LEDs on a ring I decided to use Adafruit's NeoPixel ring which has perfect diameter for this mirror (coincidence? I don't think so...).


How to make it


The 6.2" NeoPixel comes in four parts. Depending on the shape and brightness you want to achieve, you need to solder them. For every joining parts connect them like this:

Remeber: if you're creating circle you can't "close the circle". Just leave one not soldered together.

Next solder three wires to GND, 5V and DIN of the first part.


Thanks to LiIon/LiPoly backpack, the whole thing will be powered by battery and can be charged via USB (yeah, you'll gotta charge your mirror...). Connect backpack to Trinket like this:

  • BAT <-> BAT+
  • G <-> Gnd
  • 5V <-> USB+

To fit under the base, you'll have to solder backpack on the side of the Trinket instead of on top of it. Then solder the button between 3V and D#0, D#1 or D#3 depending on how big your button is.

The last step is to solder the wire from NeoPixels to the trinket like this:

  • GND <-> Gnd
  • 5V <-> USB+
  • DIN <-> #3


Now you need tape. Use power tape (or any isolation tape) to cover any metal points on the back of NeoPixels. Then use narrow slicec of double-sided tape for mount:

Then stick to the mirror. Same with the Trinket and the battery: a lot of double-sided tape:

Then just use silver (same color as mirror's frame) power tape to hold the wires:


Download code from GitHub repo NeoMirror. You'll need Adafruit's Arduino build with support for ATtiny85 powering the Trinket.

What's next

You can tinker as much you want with the software. NeoPixels can take whatever color you want so there can be additional rainbow modes ;)
Let me know if you think of some cool addition and feel free to share your build! Happy Ikea Hacking!

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