Wojtek @suda Siudzinski

Python/Node/Golang developer, DIY hacker, rookie designer, 3D print junkie. Owner @ Appsome, CEO @ Gaia Green Tech

  1. Spinning up a free IPFS webrtc-star discovery server with Heroku

    Deploy the webrtc-star signaling/discovery server in 5 minutes on Heroku for free…

    on ipfs, webrtc-star, websocket-star, js-ipfs, docker, heroku

  2. Go for Particle Argon, Boron or Xenon

    Thanks to TinyGo, "a Go compiler for tiny places", you can now use Go to write firmware for all 3rd gen Particle devices.…

    on Particle, Particle Argon, Particle Boron, Particle Xenon, OpenOCD, TinyGo, Go, Golang, Particle Debugger, Particle Workbench, nRF52

  3. Single Dockerfile for testing and production using multi-stage builds

    Create a single Dockerfile to build development, testing and production images.…

    on docker, multi-stage, dockerfile, python

  4. Production-ready Django 3 ASGI Docker image

    A boilerplate image for deploying ASGI Django applications on production using uvicorn and WhiteNoise.…

    on django, asgi, docker, async, collectstatic, uvicorn

  5. React/Flux like pattern for embedded UI

    Data flow pattern for C/C++ inspired by React/Flux…

    on React, Particle, Xenon, ps-01, Flux