Wojtek @suda Siudzinski

ObjC/Python dev, DIY hacker, rookie designer. CEO @ Issue Stand, co-founder @ mesu.im

  1. Running Django on Arduino Yún

    Arduino Yún is awesome device for many reasons but one is my favorite: it's running small Linux with Python. And when I hear Python, I think Django. You can make simple webserver in C and ATmega32u4 but it won't be easy. There are two problems with Yún and Django: Even…

    on django, arduino, yun, open-home, openwrt, linino

  2. The hell of testing Google Play In-app billing

    We've recently ported our platform to Android. We had some issues with it, but version for free magazines (just downloading issues, without any payments) was ready quite fast. Next on our roadmap were paid magazines with purchasing single issues and subscriptions. Seems easy right? Well, it is. Maybe a little…

    on android, iap, iOS

  3. Mounting unreadable CD in OS X Lion and newer

    Mounting CD/DVD's in 2013 seems like history (there's only one Mac still shipped with the SuperDrive: MacBook Pro), but you still do it from time to time. How frustrating it is, when this one time, disk doesn't show on desktop and yet it isn't ejected. Fortunately there's a way…

    on cd9660.util, OS X

  4. Linen style background in iOS

    I posted about this some time ago at Forrst, but it's worth to mention again. UIColor can be also a pattern and there are some predefined styles like linen from multitasking. Try this: // Dark self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor viewFlipsideBackgroundColor]; // Light self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor underPageBackgroundColor]; You can check other default…

    on background, iOS, linen, UIColor, underPageBackgroundColor, viewFlipsideBackgroundColor

  5. Multiple Row Selection in UIPickerView

    Recently, one of my projects needed user to select multiple values from a list that was about 150px high, which reminded me how Mobile Safari renders <select multiple="multiple">. Problem is, UIPickerView doesn't allow multiple row selection (not publicly anyway), so I tried to use custom views and…

    on iOS, ObjC, UIPickerView, UITableView, UITableViewCell, UITableViewCellAccessoryCheckmark, UITableViewCellAccessoryNone, UITapGestureRecognizer

  6. Advanced Twitter integration in iOS 5

    Now everything is about sharing and iOS 5 gives us built-in Twitter support so you can do it even easier. But there are two ways to use it: TWTweetComposeViewController - simple composer, similar to SMS and Email composers TWRequest - NSURLRequest like class for Twitter requests First one is great…

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